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The second annual BEATOBER Awards!


 We'll recognize producers across 8 categories. Throughout BEATOBER, producers can create their videos in the following categories to be nominated for an award and win an exclusive prize package containing both software & hardware.

Award Categories

1 / Best Collab

Collaborate with a fellow producer and come together to make an original BEATOBER beat video

2 / Best DAWLESS

Create a performance using hardware only! No DAWs allowed.


For producer's who have come a long way, show improvement from during Beatober 2023 or from Beatober 2022 to now. Submit TWO videos to demonstrate the improvement. (one from the past and one from now)

4 / Best Original Song

For all the songwriters out there - we're looking for the best original song from BEATOBER! 

5 / Best Live Performance

Create a completely LIVE performance for your BEATOBER video.

6 / Best Video

Put your cinematic eye to the test and make a stunning BEATOBER video. 

7 / Best Finger Drumming

Let's see the highly skilled finger drummers! 


The BEAST of BEATOBER will have created 20 beats or more over the course of BEATOBER 2023 and demonstrated exemplary skills, OR significant improvement, in addition to otherwise notable qualities whether it be musical, visual, or community based. 

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