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BEATOBER is in support of the Music & Youth Initiative, a great nonprofit that creates accessible, sustainable, high quality music programs in underserved communities so every young person can experience the magic of music. This year, we hope to match our success from last year, and raise $10,000!


Find the Donate button on

TAETRO's videos & streams

All proceeds go to the Music and Youth Initiative

Donate directly to the

Music and Youth Initiative

Get perks and exclusive content while supporting Music and Youth Initiative

All merch proceeds go to the Music and Youth Initiative


More ways to support TBD!

GET Donation Rewards!

as a thank you for your donation, I'll be fulfilling donation rewards!


all donations of $50+ are eligible for an exclusive stickerpack while supplies last!

while supplies last // some regional restrictions


Private Lesson with TAETRO!

A one-hour one-on-one lesson with TAETRO held over Zoom.




Choose a Cover Song!

TAETRO will remake a song or instrumental of your choice and post on social media.


Custom Watercolor Painting!

TAETRO will paint a portrait of your pet OR favorite Pokemon

All rewards require proof of donation!

Claim rewards here:

Form coming soon!

Donations eligible from rewards are from YouTube Donations or Direct Donations

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